The Final Farewell


Dear BriGuyHogie Blog Fans,

There comes a time in all of our lives when we face occurrences that could lead towards an immeasurable amount of opportunities. Unique opportunities that could possibly make a difference in this world, maybe even change it with hopes for the better. For me, it was a significant challenge that would develop into something far greater than what I could have ever imagined. It was a task I was sure to be destined to fulfill during the prime of my lifetime, and to one day earn the prestigious stature of becoming none other than... a blogger. But not just any blogger, oh no. I was set out to seize the notable title as a specific blogger as someone to tell the tales of my adventures through detailed pictorial snapshots along with extraordinary cinematic videos. This idea had come into fruition during the glorious heyday of October 2005. And now, after five years later with a collection of 88 blog posts, 6,150 pictures, and 117 videos I would say it's time to relieve myself from these grueling duties of such a distinctive blogger.

Actually, on a more serious note, I really have enjoyed posting blogs over the years and in a way I'm kind of sad to be making the choice to stop. To be honest though, nowadays it's just too much work for me to keep updating the blogs with new pictures and the occasional video here and there. You'd think I would have learned to stop using my camera so much, but that really hasn't changed and it probably never will change. After much thought on deciding to end the blog I realized that at this point in my life it has become less of a hobby and more of a chore, which of course just makes it less appealing to maintain it. So that's basically my reasoning for calling it quits. I knew this would eventually happen one day, and so I guess that day has finally come. I want to thank all of the "fans" for following the blog and I certainly hope it was somewhat entertaining as I attempted to share a few experiences I had during the last couple of years of my life. Now of course when I say, "I'm calling it quits" that might be a little bit of an overstatement. I'll definitely be posting pictures of fun adventures on those fancy social media web sites that are all the rage, so I'm not completely "retiring" I suppose. One reason why I'm going this route is that I have a bit more control over privacy, and the second reason is that it will simply just be easier for me to post pictures.

So that's it for the blog! I don't plan on taking any of these posts down, so if you feel like it you can always check out these priceless oldies! Just click on the little twirl-down arrows on the left side to see the blogs. Thank you again for following if you have over the years. My hope is that you have enjoyed these blog posts as much as I have enjoyed posted them.

Your Ex-Blogging Friend,
Brian Hogan